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Saltwater aquarium: first steps

So You’ve seen a saltwater aquarium. full of exotic tropical fish, and maybe visit the aquarium and decided to organize a piece of the sea into your home? First of all, you should not hurry. When organizing a marine aquarium you should consider a lot of factors. The three most important of them, which our article is devoted to the size and material for aquarium, aeration system air and water filtration, and aquarium lighting.

The size of the aquarium and the material for it

In the manufacture of aquarium, typically, two kinds of materials – acrylic or glass. Glass is a classic material that has long been used in the manufacture of aquariums. Acrylic is more comfortable, has a higher Ph that reduces fogging. In case of scratches, acrylic on wall, easily removed by polishing. When planning an aquarium, try to choose the most possible for your size. The large size aquariums are easier to maintain. Such aquariums have more stable environments, quickly enter and remain longer in a state of biological equilibrium. Also, a larger aquarium provides more opportunities to Express themselves in decorating and design.

Filtering and aerated

The purpose of most modern filter systems for aquarium is the elimination of pollution and the saturation of water by air. Today are available in a variety of water purification systems – from inexpensive to professional, so the choice of such a system ultimately depends on the size of aquarium, the number and composition of its inhabitants and the budget that you allocated for its purchase. However, remember that even if Your future aquarium equipped with continuous flow of clean salt water, it does not remove the aquarium from the need to use the “biological” filtration. Waste products and food debris can be toxic to aquarium inhabitants.

The simplest bio-filters are a porous material, which retains the waste during the passage through it of a stream of water. More sophisticated systems filter the water through the soil, and can accelerate the process of natural purification.

There are various modifications of filters, the unit of work which can be placed both outside and inside the aquarium. You should pay attention to low noise energy efficient models and choose the model whose performance will be sufficient for your aquarium.

Aquarium lighting is very important to maintain aquarium in the state of sustainable biological balance, and properly set the light will allow you to “tune” the aquarium with all the colors. The intensity of illumination, location of light sources and the duration of illumination should be chosen based on the needs of the inhabitants of the aquarium. Some aquariums come with lighting system, but professional aquarists suggest that you pick up the lighting system yourself.

Placing in the aquarium electrical equipment, it is important to remember that conductive parts of electrical appliances and wiring do not fall into the water. It should also be concerned about proper heat sink to heat produced by electrical appliances are not velo the temperature of the water in the aquarium.

By following these simple recommendations, You will definitely build the aquarium of your dreams, comfortable for the inhabitants. He will delight You, your friends and family for many years.

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