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Goldfish, gourami, guppy. Peaceful fish to buy in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk

In this section of our store you can choose peaceful fish, able to live peacefully and coexist with each other. Such as neons, guppies, gourami, barbs, swordtails, platys, various catfish, apistos, zebrafish, and many others.

Dignity peaceful fish

Peaceful aquarium fish are popular with aquarists all over the world for many decades. Guppies, gourami, cardinal tetras, angelfish, barbs, apistogramma, ancistrus, Zebra,rooster fish is only a small part of a big list of peaceful fish (fish Cockerel belongs to the category of not quite peaceful fish)).

Despite its small size, they are very beautiful, bright, and elegant. One of the widely known examples are the most unpretentious and beautiful guppies.

Guppies, angelfish, gourami, and other such peaceful fishes differ in a number of special advantages.

· Can live and reproduce in a fairly small aquarium. This is a great advantage, because not everyone in the apartment there is a place under a large aquarium.

· Will not harm aquarium plants. Even some of the most active fish, barbs, live plants in harmony. Repopulating your aquarium, you can create stunning beauty of the underwater forest!

· Not compressed and do not eat each other. Eaten fish – stress for the owner. Being generally quite harmless, guppies, gourami, and the other bernyanyi save the nerve cells of the aquarist.

· Often more undemanding, easy to care for. Not everyone wishing to have an aquarium there are a lot of free time. The unpretentiousness of the most peaceful fish (again recall guppies, platys, and other live-bearing) is a big plus for those who are busy, but really wants to “relax” with a home aquarium.

It should be noted that despite the ease of care, peaceful fishes definitely require air supply, filtration, and constantly supported by the heater to the correct temperature. Proper feeding is also necessary that is not now a problem because of a large choice of food for the fish.

In the online store Aquarium world is a wide range of peaceful aquarium fish. All of them can be divided into three categories:

1. Bottom . These include all your favorite ancistrus, platydorina, and other catfish, which today has become many kinds, and which are of great benefit to the aquarium, finishing their uneaten food and harmful algae. Also bottom fish are all species of loaches (Botia, acanthophthalmus, and others). This is a very beautiful peaceful fish.

2. Fishes of the middle layer. These include angelfish, affecting its quiet grace and unusual shape of the sword, beloved for their bright color, platies, barbs, and others.

3. Fish the upper water layer. These are different kinds restless Danio, dwarf gourami, pantodon, and not only.

Separately, you can mention goldfish, which concerned many aquarists enthusiasts, and fans of fight, fighting fish, males with very interesting character.

About fishes you can write a lot . we will do this more consistently in the articles section.

You, dear customers, I want to say one thing: peaceful fish – it’s great fun, and we are very pleased that you looked into this section.

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