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White shark is a useful and dangerous properties of meat white shark

General information

Everyone knows what a great white shark, but only a few know that she has another name, namely carcharodon . It is not only the largest shark but also the most blood-thirsty of all members of this genus. The adult can grow up to 8 meters. Many people call it “white death” because these predators often attack swimmers.

The shark lives in warm or temperate waters of the World ocean, and swims at a depth of about 30 meters. Spin shark is not white, but rather grey, but sometimes grey. Her abdomen dirty white color, while the dorsal fin is black. Only large specimens are completely lead-white.

Most often the great white shark looking for a prey, slowly cruising around the sea surface. Due to the fact that she has poorly developed eyesight, she goes hunting in the daytime. But vision is not the main way of finding prey, because of carcharodon have more acute hearing and sensitive smell. It should be noted that “white death” picks up sound at a distance of several kilometers. This shark can smell fresh blood and the smell coming from the frightened fish for half a kilometer.

Favorite food white shark – Navy seal, who lives near the coast of South Africa. Smaller individuals prey on small fish, neprimerno tuna, dolphins or turtles. Under 3 meters the shark switches to larger ocean dwellers.

How to choose

At the time of purchase please note the appearance of the piece of shark meat. It needs to be fairly large size, with Gresham in the middle. To determine is before You the shark or not is quite simple, since its distinctive feature is the absence of the rib bones and individual vertebrae visible, which are cartilaginous spine.

How to store

It should be noted that white shark meat is perishable, so it is important that its carcass was cut no later than 7 hours after harvest. Then it is salted, marinated, or just frozen. Processed meat can be quite a long time to be stored in the refrigerator.

The reflection in the culture

Carl Linnaeus first gave the scientific name of white shark Squalus carcharias . This occurred in 1758. However, this kind of again and again was given other names. In 1833, sir Andrew Smith gave Carcharodon name . which translated from Greek means “tooth” and “shark”. The last and more modern name shark got after was transferred from the genus Squalus in Carcharodon.

These predators belong to the family of mackerel sharks, which, in turn, are divided into several genera Lamna, Carcharodon, and Isurus. The only surviving to the present time the species is Carcharodon carcharias .

The caloric content of shark meat

Raw shark is characterized by a higher content of protein and fat, its calories – 130 kcal per 100 g (in shark Katran – 142 kcal). The caloric content of shark, fried in breadcrumbs – 228 kcal. The dish is fatty and not recommended for consumption in large quantities to all who are overweight.

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