All about aquarium fish.
Brief description: Compact and at the same time volumetric Atlas-guide includes information on more than 1000 species and varieties of freshwater fish that can be seen in aquariums around the…

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The Sevastopol marine Aquarium – Museum of the Crimea
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Catching predatory fish on live bait
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Diseases goldfish

If after the acquisition of goldfish were quarantined and were settled in good terms, and if they are sick, usually due to overfeeding. Gold young can be fed a couple times a day, adults – it only takes one time. These fish have very good appetite and overfeed them very easily, so it is advisable to use fodder with low protein content and with the addition of herbal ingredients, like spirulina. Moreover, special feeds for goldfish on sale now abound. For example, I feed my Golden balls Tetra Goldfish Colour Sticks, and twice a week live food. Bloodworms and Tubifex, as the permanent feed is not suitable – too “fatty”. It is desirable to let the aquarium duckweed or Ricci, a very respected gold this grass and can choose to diversify your diet.

What are the symptoms of overfeeding in goldfish? Belly fish like bursting and she can’t cope with their movement. In this case, you need to give her a hunger strike for three days, may relieve the bowels. After that, of course, you need to learn a lesson and more fish is not to overfeed.

If goldfish are kept in optimum conditions, and to ill they will not be. What is meant by optimal conditions? Goldfish need large volumes of water. For a pair of fish requires an aquarium of 100 liters, no less. Because they have a good appetite, and therefore ethadone little, we need a powerful filter (better, of course, external). Gold is sensitive to lack of oxygen in the water, so aeration is also important.

Because of the large amount of waste, the aquarium with goldfish is absolutely necessary in living plants, because they are well removed from water, nitrogen compounds, using them for their growth. The tender leaves of these fish, of course, this will hurt, but you can put plants with tough or tasteless leaves – anubias Nana, Cryptocoryne, Vallisneria, hygrophila, bolbitis.

Every week need to replace 20-25% of water, with a fresh, Creamed. So to maintain the aquarium water temperature is about 22°C.

it is not a disease, white bumps on the Gill covers appear in males in the mating season

In the case of small changes in coloration or behavior of goldfish the first thing you need to test the water, or, if this is not possible, then immediately to replace 25 percent of the aquarium water. Continue to watch the developments. If symptoms worsen, it is diagnose the disease and begin treatment.

Most often, goldfish are such diseases as aeromonosis (rubella of carp, abdominal dropsy), ick. the incidence of argulus.

To minimize the risk to put some kind of sore in the aquarium can carefully karantinirovanija new podsolenny, including plants. The infection may come along with live food, snails. When feeding Tubifex and bloodworms, they must be properly seasoned.

Goldfish for a normal life and need something quite a bit: a big aquarium, live plants, aeration, filter and a caring owner, they will delight for years to come.

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