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Fish pond equipment and fish
The pond – a beautiful decoration of a country house or infield. Properly planned and secured all the necessary pond will create a comfortable microclimate, will attract the attention of…

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Catfish Municipaly

Someone holds Municipales, I have two of them and information on them is very small and it is scanty. podkinte from a mobile or from personal experience.

Good day!

Catfish Bunocephalus

Beautiful and unusual rare catfish, otnosatsa exotic fish.

Commercial name Banjo Cats and Guitarrita (Spanish Guitar)

These catfish usually get to order, sales are rare.

Shirokogorova a family of catfishes (Aspredinidae).

Monocephalus two-tone.

Discovered in 1978, aquarium lovers name in 1882 as Bunocephalus bicolor Steindachner.

Habitat, the Amazon basin South tributary to La Plata.

Fish are nocturnal, during the day are kept in the shelter or burrow in the ground.

Body strongly flattened head and anterior part of the trunk from top to bottom, turning into a conical shape and terminating in a moderately elongated tail stem. 3 pairs of antennae, a pair of antennae and the upper jaw is long and extends to the middle “R”. Fins large, the “P” are arranged horizontally and equipped with a powerful, serrated spike.

Head, anterior torso, “P” and “U” from light to gray-brown with yellowish-white dots and dashes. The back of the torso and the caudal peduncle is dark brown with light brown areas and runs along the side with 3 rows of yellowish-Belichick EC, similar to warts, the middle of them with light dots. Antennae with a pattern for the marble from light to dark brown in color. “D” and “C” brown.

When looking at fish from above the male’s between “R” and “U” contour of the body is in a straight line, but the female curves. Before spawning the female becomes shapeless thick (do not take sputannosti belly for a sign of disease!).

Can be kept in the General aquarium, but not with small fish of other species, because catfish can attack them. An aquarium with soil from gravel fine sand layer of 7-8 cm (from the top you can put a layer of peat), with plenty of shelters and places with dense overgrown lyami plants. In the evening, poor lighting, because fish readily gather at the feeding site. Water: 22-26 is capable of doing With, to 15R dH, pH 6-7, which is rich in oxygen. Food: live (Tubifex are reluctant). Prone to gluttony, not to overfeed.

The breeding pair or group (males more), usually at night or early morning hours as in the species, and in the spawning aquarium length of 100 cm for a pair, arranged as described above. Stimulates spawning temperature drops suddenly or the content of the winter when low temperature and then its rise to 24 pumps, replacement of 1/3 part fresh water, the drop in atmospheric pressure, strengthening of water movement. Water: dH to 10 pumps, KN to 2 pumps, pH 6-6. 5. The female lays up to 300 eggs, which are transferred into the incubator with the same composition of water and the temperature of 26-28 pumps With or leave in aquarium species, respectively increasing temperature (fish eggs do not touch). Hatched through 26-72 h larvae (hatching lasts several hours) sensitive to light and hide in the woods. Fry in 2 hours to take food: rotifers, microserve. They are susceptible to fungal diseases.

Spawning can be stimulated by hormonal injection. H. Franke (29) reported that Kühn has managed to achieve spawning of 2 males and 1 females by injection of a suspension of 4 pituitary glands, taken from the bass with ripe eggs, 0.2 mg on the fish.

Sexual maturity at 1-1.5 years.

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