Feeding the fish
Proper feeding of fish is one of the most important moments in the aquarium. Wrong feeding is, along with poor water quality (which is also called, for example, over-feeding) the…

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Types of aquarium fish
Goldfish This zlatovest beauty - the first in the history of aquarium fish. Her ancestor is a wild carp. Although she comes from Eastern Asia, the Chinese were the first…

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Marine fish for your mini aquarium
Marine fish — a real decoration for any aquarium, be it flocks of small fish or a big triggerfish. Coral fish known for their bright, contrasting and saturated color and…

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Fish behavior

Activator biting Fish Hungry

Fish behavior can seem reasonable, but it is still based on the instincts. The instincts of the fish is hereditary actions and every species they own, manifested in matter. what are the habitat conditions .

During spawning, fish behavior consists of a set of instinctive actions, that are invoked in a certain order and under the influence of specific stimuli.

For example, consider the behavior of such fish as grayling. For male grayling before spawning it is very important to occupy the spawning area with appropriate bottom and cover. Such a marriage he protects from other males, who also dressed in a marriage outfit and already his appearance allures females.

Female, reacting to the actions of the male, should be willing to spawning, and if it does not, then the male just chased her.

What happens next is the following – if the female was hunched over and dropped his dorsal fin the male dorsal fin down to the back of the female and tail around her, then they huddle to the bottom, and the female lays eggs and the male fertilizes her milk. In the case for grayling the importance of vision – he sees the spawning ground and the willingness of females to the inflorescence emerge caviar. Irritants there are the quality of bottom and position of the dorsal fin of the female.

The instincts of the fish

The instincts of the fish . associated with protection and hunting, based on unascertainable and also perceived by organs of vision. The hunting instinct is hungry predatory fish activated and passing it the right size fish or a lure that resembles this fish, a reflex action is a predator attacking the victim.

The same instinct of hunting in well-fed predatory fish are weakened to the extent that floating around with her fish can be absolutely sure.

Fish have the instinct of escape . and it arises when certain factors, and this sudden sounds, the feeling of the attack of a predator, the appearance of substances that cause disgust.

Passing predatory fish bait can cause the instinct of hunting or setting, even if the fish is sick or recently something has eaten. Artificial lure resembles the movement of a dying fish, and this is just a very easy prey.

Effective stimulus for fish are different colors and patterns used on the baits, and the jerk setting you can call, for example, such fish as perch. using colored hooks. Under certain conditions, a be perch brings endurance and he grabs the hook, while others fish from envy follow his example, and the instinct of hunting is rapidly spreading to the entire flock.

Fish are capable of learning. It was observed that groupers caught in traps, or the network, and then marked these times was not caught and the total quantity of catch decreased, but as they say the short is in 5 days. catches again increased.

The reflexes and instincts of fish can be used in their artificial breeding. For example, juvenile salmon can be taught to independently use automatic feeders. When breeding carp fish they are accustomed to feed upon a sound signal, and the fry of salmon can be trained to beware of the gulls, feeding them with the appropriate signals.

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