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Fish this pretty well resembles a snake or eel. An elongated body of an eel is covered with very small scales, which sometimes is quite difficult to see because of…

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Diseases of aquarium fish

If you have purchased the aquarium, and filled it beautiful, pleasing to the eye inhabitants, we must always remember that improper maintenance of aquarium fish, can lead to disease and death. In this article, I would like to introduce you to some non-infectious diseases of fish, due to their incorrect content.

Fish are cold-blooded creatures, and their livelihoods, are highly dependent on ambient temperature (the water in the aquarium).

At low water temperatures, fish may catch a cold, and in consequence perish. In cold water, strongly reduced the protective functions of the fish organism. Signs that a cold fish, maybe, feed refusal. The fins of the diseased fish are preloaded, colour is pale, and she slowly floats to the surface of the aquarium.

With long-term maintenance in cold water, fish can lose the ability to reproduce, and their offspring, if they will appear weak and will quickly die.

Overheating of water also adversely affects future offspring. Extremely dangerous, sudden changes in water temperature, for example, when transferring fish to another vessel, or when changing aquarium water on colder. Fish thus fall into a state of shock, turning on my abdomen and breathe often. After leaving the shock, the fish can dash around the aquarium and trying to jump out of it.

If your fish are suffering from cold, you need ispolzovatblizhny heaters for aquariums (in principle, this should always be done). It is not recommended to put the aquarium on the window, because at night, there can be significant temperature reduction.

Not very good for fish has a lack or excess of oxygen in the water. With a lack of oxygen in water, fish suffer from suffocation. The fish swim near the surface of the water and greedily swallow air. The lack of oxygen in the water, may cause rot on the bottom of the food debris, overcrowding of the aquarium, a strong growth of algae, overheating of the water. It is necessary to clean the bottom of the tank and partially replace the water. You must use air compressors – devices to supply aquarium water with oxygen.

Excess oxygen in the aquarium, also is unfavorable, and can lead to disease and death of fish. A symptom of excess oxygen, can be disturbing fish, throwing them on the aquarium and convulsive twitching of the fins, the fish can shake the whole body. This slows down the movement of the Gill covers, scales becomes erect and the eyes turbid. With these symptoms, it is necessary to transfer the fish into the tank, with normal oxygen content.

Special attention must be paid to feeding your Pets. Redundant and monotonous diet leads to obesity fish, in consequence of which increases the abdomen of the fish, the amount of their cookies. Fish could become infertile. When feeding the fish, spoiled food, they can cause inflammation of the stomach and intestines. This increases the abdomen, red and swollen anus, color fade and the fish become sluggish. When these symptoms should immediately change the feed.

You should also know that for a long period of separation of males and females, can cause the cyst gonads. Therefore, males and females, it is recommended to contain together.

I hope the information in this article will help you to keep your Pets in comfortable conditions for them, and they will long please you with its wonderful views.

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