Diseases of pond fish. Aeromonosis (rubella)
Aeromonosis (German measles) is a disease that causes hemorrhagic inflammation of the skin, accompanied by ulceration, and visceral and abdominal dropsy. Pathogen — Aeromonas punctate. This movable rod with a…

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Catching predatory fish on live bait
Live-bait fishing takes place the whole warm period of the year, while the water bodies were frozen with ice. Zywiec is the best attachment for fishing for predatory fish. Choosing…

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Fish behavior
Activator biting Fish Hungry Fish behavior can seem reasonable, but it is still based on the instincts. The instincts of the fish is hereditary actions and every species they own,…

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In this section, we will talk about license plates kgs

Amazon, the most diverse group

exotic species of fish.

Catfishes, probably the most diverse group of fish size, body shape, lifestyle and distribution. The group includes more than 2000 species. A large amount of their lives in fresh waters of the tropics, but occur in the temperate zone, and in the open sea. Catfishes can be found on every continent and in every ocean, except for the poles of the Earth. We do not intend to cover all their variety, we present only the rarest representatives of the catfish in the Amazon, which has almost no natural habitat or fishing and the export of which is prohibited by the reason of disappearance, such as Hypancistrus Zebra L046, Hypancistrus L250, L184 Brilliant ancistrus, etc. Scobinancistrus L014 license Only L-catfishes there are about 500. Due to the ban on the export of rare species of fish we will carry out the work on breeding of these unique representatives in Ukraine, which will make them more accessible to hobbyists and to have in the aquarium rarest living jewel!

Armored catfishes (loricariids) are found in South America. This collection brings together many kgs of widely differing shape, size and color. I sensoriality priosko-shaped mouth; so they do not fall over, they stick the mouth to a solid object. All of their body covered with bony plates (coat of mail).

Loricariid catfishes are completely peaceful, at first quite shy, so the aquarium should provide a large number of shelters where they could hide. In the aquarium must be the shadow areas, requires clean water, with a temperature of 25-30 °C. Required intensive aeration water biofiltration, water changes, about 20-25% of the total volume required to produce 1-2 times a week. Aquarium for content recommend kgs with a volume of 150 liters. L-catfish a lot and there are features of that particular type… Soma look great in a species tank. The care of all fish from this family, and especially for small and medium sized species are practically identical. Most of them are phytophagous, it is convenient because they keep the aquarium from unintentional greenery and mucus. When the content of suckermouth catfishes in the aquarium, you need to arrange shelter, as these catfish spend their most time, and active mainly at night.

Basic guidelines for content:

1. The aquarium is 100 liters and more.

2. The water temperature is 25-30 °C (this figure needed to be clarified for certain species).

3. Water change 1-2 times a week 30% of the total volume.


Plant food, Artemia, bloodworm river. special dry food for catfish. (Types of feed need to be clarified! There may be differences in feeding for a specific species.)

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