FAO - News article: Sharks of the Mediterranean and the Black sea on the verge of extinction
"Serious consequences" threatened marine ecosystems Black tip sharks are threatened in the Mediterranean sea. The population of sharks in the Mediterranean and Black sea declined drastically over the last two…

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Which fish to put in 70-liter. the aquarium?
amphiprion - because marine fish (clown fish). you what? and the Malawians - freshwater. for Malawians need a large space of the bottom - and therefore, a large displacement is…

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Fishing on the pond

Few people know the difference, the difference in the words “the pond”, “lake”, “reservoir”, meanwhile, the understanding of each of these words leads to understanding fishing in these places, eventually, to success, to the fish.

What is the difference between fishing on a pond from fishing, say the reservoir ?

To begin with, the pond and the reservoir is, in any case, artificial water features, while the lake is actually a naturally occurring body of water.

The pond is always created for human needs. Goals can be different: irrigation of any land, often fields, water, for sanitary or service needs and, of course, for fish farming.

Differences between the pond and the reservoir are enclosed in the volume of water contained in each water body. It is considered that if it to 1 million cubic meters of water, this body of water is called a pond, if more than a million – reservoir. That would not get lost in the numbers, imagine an artificial reservoir in the length and width of 600 meters and an average depth of 2 meters, this would be considered a pond, if the average depth is 4 meters – that is the reservoir.

A pond is much simpler and easier to control, the canal system here is not as powerful as in reservoirs, sometimes there are none. Blagodaram, the pond is very mobile, quick to fill and drain. And not necessarily to build any retaining structures such as dykes and dams.

As to the fishing pond, the species diversity of fish in it is almost absent due to the modest size of the reservoir. Because of this same fish in ponds can not be too large, more than 2 kg.

What is the plus of such fishing, fishing on the pond ?

In simplicity and ease! You don’t need to be an experienced fisherman – a professional with five ultramodern spinning, you can even choose to make a fishing rod. In the ponds the advantage in casting distance does not work, there is a small fish, which means that there is no need for quality gear. You can take the Chinese and the spinning reel and go fishing.

What exactly is impossible to save when fishing on the pond is fishing line and hooks. They should be as thin and unobtrusive in combination with strength. Check the line for the gap range from 1.5 to 2 kg – your.

On a pond a very important bait, the fact that a suitable choice of bait, you, in the truest sense of the word, capable of all the fish from the pond to bait their hooks. Then there is the other side of the pond can be fed by other fishermen, then fish in General no one will bite as I would like.

And last note: do not make noise in small ponds when fishing on the float or Donk with the middle cast. The fish here is very sensitive and shy. Dress properly – only light, dark and green.

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