The most dangerous sharks
There are a large number of species of sharks and only some species can represent for humans a real threat. Should not treat the shark as a great blood-thirsty predator,…

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Diseases of pond fish. Aeromonosis (rubella)
Aeromonosis (German measles) is a disease that causes hemorrhagic inflammation of the skin, accompanied by ulceration, and visceral and abdominal dropsy. Pathogen — Aeromonas punctate. This movable rod with a…

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Marine aquarium - Fish - Pets
Marine aquarium, a vessel for keeping marine animals and plants. Is usually large in size (200 litres), as its inhabitants usually larger than the inhabitants of freshwater aquariums. Compared to…

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The most unusual marine life

The vast world oceans inhabited sometimes quite strange creatures that defy logic and gravity. Sometimes they are a water angels, and sometimes a fiend. This is the most bizarre sea creatures on this planet.

The jellyfish

This strange creature is very old, even ancient sponges. This translucent sea creature looks like Christmas decoration and shimmers in the water. Neon flashing, which it radiates is the light refracted by the thousands of neon cilia, the hair thick along comb-like ridges, which gave it its name. These little animals are not jellyfish, although very similar. They differ in that they do not grow a sting unlike jellyfish. They do not have a brain or specialized sense organs, only the primitive neural net around the mouth, which can monitor chemical traces in the water. When it bumps into something edible, it just opens the mouth very widely. Swallowing the prey, it closes its mouth, hold it with hooks.

Sea cucumber

This unusual creation scares his enemies internal organs. Seeing the danger, they are so greatly reduced that is thrown away in tears and the anus of their innards. Thus, he confuses the enemy and injure him, but damaged body parts heal quickly. For several hours he digs a hole in the sand, hiding thisway he exposes his furry tentacles.

Any microscopic piece of that in them, he drags in his mouth. Miniature forest of sea cucumbers clears water of organic debris, but at the first sign of danger, the forest disappears, instantly hiding in the sand until the next feeding. They are not afraid of anything, perhaps because they have no brain. Instead, the ring of nerves around his mouth tells him when to move, when to fight, when to eat.

The Puffer Fish

The great and terrible fish in hand. This is the oldest dish known to man. In Japan it is normal there are poisonous Puffer fish, not knowing whether there will be survivors. It is considered a delicacy, the potentially deadly delicacy. In her skin and the liver contained tetrodotoxin — lethal paralyzing poison. A poisonous piece of sashimi from the Fugu can kill an adult human.

Some puffer fish have needles that are firmly against your skin. Until the fish feel danger. When it occurs, it swallows water into its elastic stomach and swells up, turning into a ball. Interestingly, she is not born poisonous, its poison, it becomes feeding on poisonous algae and mollusks. If you put it in the aquarium and feed normal food, she can become a normal fish is quite tasty, but not representing anything not normal. However, in the spring when the fish are the most poisonous gourmets pay a high price for this dangerous delicacy.

Deep sea angler

Plastic ponds and reservoirs
Plastic reservoirs on the garden plots and dachas is today more a commodity than unusual. For example, plastic pools not only serve a decorative role, undoubtedly, beautifying the area and…


In this section, we will talk about license plates kgs Amazon, the most diverse group exotic species of fish. Catfishes, probably the most diverse group of fish size, body shape,…