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Sea bass (smaria) fishing methods and recipes

Sea bass belongs to the genus of bony fish that live at depth and are slow growing. Sexual maturity, they reach only 7 — 11 years. Fish have different colors: from blue to yellow and from striped to plain. They have poisonous glands that are located on sharp fin rays. The shot of them leads to a painful local inflammation.

There are 90 species of groupers. Almost all of them live in the North Pacific and only 4 species in the North Atlantic oceans. The largest kind of bass reach a weight of 15 kg or exceed a length of 1 m. The smallest — not more than 20 cm.

Composition and useful properties of fish

Sea bass — fatty fish, it is long kept fresh, but so tasty — salty. On average, 100 g fillet of perch contains 1 g of healthy fatty acids omega-3, which regulate the metabolism and lower cholesterol. Fish is a rich source of protein that is easily digestible, as well as a large proportion of the amino acid taurine, which participates in metabolic processes. And its use for food lowers the amount of sugar in the blood. It is very useful for the digestive and nervous systems, and, most importantly, improves the functioning of the thyroid gland.

The product is useful for pregnant women, children and the elderly, because in its composition contains a lot of vitamin A, C, E, D, PP, D, and iodine, phosphorus, calcium iron and many other trace elements.

Tackle for soulignavong inhabitant

In the Black sea is home to 3 species of redfish, which is also called maridol. The average weight of these specimens is not more than 150 g and 25 cm is the maximum length.

Sea perch — fish schooling. They live at depths 5 — 30 m. Feed on small fish, fish eggs, algae, shellfish, crustaceans.

Exciting fishing for redfish begins in the spring. There is this: the fisherman lowers a loaded tackle for 12 — 18 m deep. Then begins to periodically raise anchor at 0.5 m from the day.

But the best time for catching this fish is considered 3 months: July, August, September. This post spawning period. Can be caught both from boats and from the shore bottom fishing or “tyrant”. For bait you can use clams, pieces of fish, marine worms.

Three-meter spinning rod with the dough (60 g or more) with fishing line (diameter of 0.18 — 0.22 mm), which insert with 5 hooks and powerful spinning reel is the tackle for sea bass.

You can catch the fish and float tackle. But there is a caveat. The float must be so large as to be seen from a great distance.

Very good sea bass bite is at dawn time at a depth of 8 — 15 m at sites remote from the coast to 800 m. a Flock of perch is usually kept above the hole on a flat plot. If you are lucky to find such a place, in simple language, can ablowitza!

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