Freshwater sharks
Most fatal collisions of man with bull shark was not in the sea and in fresh waters. Bull sharks inhabit, for example, in the lake Nicaragua. The Spaniards who first…

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Marine aquarium - Fish - Pets
Marine aquarium, a vessel for keeping marine animals and plants. Is usually large in size (200 litres), as its inhabitants usually larger than the inhabitants of freshwater aquariums. Compared to…

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Catching predatory fish on live bait
Live-bait fishing takes place the whole warm period of the year, while the water bodies were frozen with ice. Zywiec is the best attachment for fishing for predatory fish. Choosing…

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Studying the sea fishing is popular


Trolling is a method of catching fish during the movement of a yacht or other vessel. The way that the fisherman can use a more extensive part of the waters of the sea to their advantage, and the movement of the bait in water more natural. This is the perfect approach for catching the Vahi, Marlin, tuna, sailfish and other species. The bait in this case can act dead and live fish or bait from artificial materials. If wiring bait should be under the water surface, to bait hook sinker. In the case of a properly sized sinkers with the speed of the vessel can be achieved in various depth posting bait. Trolling allows you to fish in the sea to the depth of 30 m where you can catch Wahoo, bluefish and tuna.


Spinning is an excellent tool for sea fishing if it was equipped with enough powerful inertialess coil. Method of catching marine fish with spinning is that the selected bait should be cast into the “fish place”. For a fairly long cast you will play exactly bezynertsionnaja the coil. Then wait until the lure goes to the necessary depth, and then the fishing line wound on the spool. With practice will come to you in the transaction skills that will allow you to achieve Napoletano simulate the fish movement.


Drifting is a technique of fishing that involves conducting the process with a drifting boat. The ship may have enabled or disabled the engine if the vessel ahead were smooth and barely noticeable. It is very important to consider the speed of movement of the vessel while drifting in relation to the tide. For example, in strong wind and tide, which act unidirectionally, the ship will drift faster than necessary, but to correct the situation can only anchor floating. If your ship is drifting in accordance with current, then this is the perfect option for that would bait took the most natural position during movement, and predatory fish fell for the bait. According to the technique of drifting can go hunting even on large sharks, with bait – a whole fish. In addition, this method in the dark, with the engine shut off most of the professional fishermen catch even the swordfish, as it is the most convenient.

Method of fly fishing

Method of fly fishing is quite popular and very attractive method of fishing in open seas. But it is important to consider some of the nuances, all your gear, whether it’s fishing line, artificial fly, reel and rod itself, must fully comply with the type of fish you intend to catch. Method of fly fishing requires certain skills, as the flies are weightless, and throw it hard. This method is very complicated but effective.

Bottom fishing

Bottom fishing is the way to go fishing when the ship is anchored. The most important thing in the place of “Parking” was not a lot of depth. This method involves fishing on the bottom when hooked bait to the sinker holds it at the bottom. This method is great because you can catch large fish such as halibut, skate and other.

Fish species recommended for cultivation in garden pondsх
People have long been fond of fishing. Currently, many anglers prefer to breed the fish in their garden ponds. Preference is given to several kinds: Three-spined stickleback is very aggressive…


TOP 5 most beautiful fish of the Black sea
31 October international Black sea day. We decided to make a selection of the most beautiful of its inhabitants. The brightest fish of the Black sea – trooper (Tripterygion tripteronotus).…