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Marine aquarium, a vessel for keeping marine animals and plants. Is usually large in size (200 litres), as its inhabitants usually larger than the inhabitants of freshwater aquariums. Compared to…

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All about aquarium fish.
Brief description: Compact and at the same time volumetric Atlas-guide includes information on more than 1000 species and varieties of freshwater fish that can be seen in aquariums around the…

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Vjun to buy Fish for pond, breeding pond fish, stocking ponds. The king-Fish has 8 sales centers in the Moscow region
Fish this pretty well resembles a snake or eel. An elongated body of an eel is covered with very small scales, which sometimes is quite difficult to see because of…

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Catching predatory fish on mugs

The most common model mug consists of two parts:

wooden or foam disk with groove on the edge for a fishing line

in the center of which is mounted the cork bushing, and pin – taper sticks,

thickened at one end and slotted on the other.

On the upper side of the disc has two small notches, in the process of catching

preventing spontaneous descent of a scaffold.

The upper side of the circle it is customary to paint in red colour, bottom – in white,

thereby overturned after a take the circle immediately catches the eye.

Two colors and pin: the end part with thin slivers of red or black,

the rest of the surface white.

Dark and make part of a pin head, so that you know stopped

turned over a circle or taking bait fish continues to reeling the line in.

Mugs are produced and with small cutout on the bottom of the disk (Fig. 2).

Anglers have dubbed the deepening of the suction Cup, because of increased stability

mug, and the ples it moves slower. Pin here are also unusual.

It is made of plastic, hollow inside, so that, having separated the head of a pin, it can

to lay the ballast, such as lead pellets, and thereby increase the stability

circle and change its handling characteristics.

And mug models “Saver” pin, excluding the head, completely made of

metallicheskaya (Fig. 3).

In fishing shops mugs are entirely plastic, consisting of

interconnected hollow parts and also a removable hollow pin.

Here are some recommendations on the snap of the circles, as this is often done by anglers.

The length of the line on the rim of the disk must match the depth of the reservoir is a fishing spot

with the addition of another 4-6 m, necessary for capturing live bait predator

not felt ahead of time the resistance of the circle.

Equip the circle normal line or braid (braid is best kept

on the drive Cup).

Then put the fishing line through 10-15 gram sinker type “olive”

(the larger the bait is heavier sinker), tie a swivel, through

clockwork ring or zipper leash with a hook.

The disks and pins so as not to waste time on a fishing trip, it is necessary beforehand to pick up a friend

other and number.

A properly chosen fishing makes a circle of responsive and trouble-free, so

rescue the angler only needs to do sweeps and to seize the trophy .

Of course, much depends on the bait.

So before you go hunt predators, delivers the right amount

small fish (live bait).

Caught live bait carefully, immediately barred from Kanu or other container with water,

scooped from the reservoir. To take them out should be his special

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Catching predatory fish on mugs
The most common model mug consists of two parts: wooden or foam disk with groove on the edge for a fishing line in the center of which is mounted the…