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Predatory aquarium fish
Recently going to the pet store in the aquarium Department, discovered a large new fish. And among them Chitala of ornate or Indian knife. It is a large fish, a…

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Reef sharks – small but deadly

Reef or “find” a shark. Small but dangerous predator.

Reef sharks . which is a so-called white tip sharks . small but very dangerous fish. Hunting in packs at night they leave their spoils any chance reef sharks

There are almost 400 different kinds of sharks. Frightening, ugly, funny looking, tiny and monstrous size. But they all share one fact – they are all murderers.

White tip reef sharks. At first glance, these small sharks length of about 1.5 meters and weighing about 18 kg seem to be graceful and gentle creatures, and seemingly harmless. In size they are very similar to its relatives – temepered Requiem sharks. But don’t be fooled! Them gives muzzle – permanent terrible grin. For fins with white ends their name is white tip sharks. But it is not a sign of surrender. They float V.

. warm small vodyh the Indian and Pacific oceans, and they have no fear. They swim to anything, even to people. But don’t worry, we don’t usually include in their diet. Of course if you are not near their congener – oceanic whitetip shark, do you happen to keep fresh, oozing blood fish.

Reef sharks

In addition, most of the time a reef shark just sleeping, resting on the ocean floor or hiding on the ledges and in caves. Sometimes they even RAID each other. But as the saying goes, the freaks come out at night. And they really come out. Hundreds of white tip sharks strew the bottom of the ocean,floating groups in search of cracks and crevices, often hidden prey, which they especially love. Fish, crustaceans, octopus and even stingrays can’t feel safe. Is going on underwater food madness. This shark dance floor, where all violently jostle and squirm, but without this in any way. And to production is not so easy to reach.

A third of reef sharks brain is responsible for sense of smell. While shaking his head from side to side water washes millions of olfactory cells that help them smell prey or a drop of blood at a distance of about one kilometre.

Reef sharks and the ampullae of Lorenzini

And yet these creatures have a sixth sense. Tiny black pores on the nose, it is called the ampoules of Lorenzini. allow reef sharks to catch in water electrical discharges, for example the splashing of a doomed fish. They even squeezed in the tiniest cracks. But despite a solid skin and ideal hunting body structure, not all of them do without a war wound.

When the victim is caught, a struggle begins between the upper and lower teeth, razdiraemyj prey into small pieces – something that is necessary to cut the lunch of large reef fish. However, the teeth aren’t all the sharks. For example, the nurse shark sucks food with the power of eight cleaners – mostly lobsters and crabs.

Reef shark are small, but deadly fish. So it seems that when it comes to sharks, the size doesn’t matter. Don’t have to be huge to inspire fear or to be an effective killer. And for these creatures is good. Let the white tip shark is not particularly large, but the kick is very strong

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