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Shark attacks in Egypt

Egypt is one of the most developed tourist destinations in the world. As tourism is the main source of income for the state budget, for the country in the first place it is important to ensure the safety of its many tourists during their vacation. Egypt is washed by 2 seas Red and Mediterranean, home to several species of marine predators, such as sharks. Despite the fact that shark attacks in Egypt, a rather rare occurrence, still it is recommended to follow the rules of conduct both in water and on land.

Are there sharks in Egypt?

Many tourists, going on a beach holiday on the coast of this country, asking: are there sharks in Egypt? As the Red sea is warm enough and has access to the ocean, its waters have long been known for sharks. However, their number is on the coast of Egypt is quite small. In addition, most species of marine predators that can be found in local waters are not cannibals.

Among the places of Egypt, where sharks have been seen worth mentioning: the marine Park of RAS Mohammed, Shark Bay, located near Sharm El Sheikh, the area of Marsa Alem, Naama Bay and vicinity Panoramas-Reef, which is located near the resort of Safaga. To those species of sharks often attack people include: Zebra and tiger sharks,Mako sharks, oceanic whitetip sharks and black-winged. All these species of these marine predators are found at RAS-Mohammed. In the above-mentioned other places they are not noticed.

What you need to know about the shark attack:

Sharks only attack swimmers. Attacks on large groups not previously noticed.

Noticing the shark to behave as naturally as possible – no sudden movements, screams and panic.

You should not swim at night, as this is the period of hunting of sharks.

It is not recommended to sail far from shore.

If during your stay in the water suddenly started bleeding, you must immediately leave the water. Sharks can smell blood for many miles from the place of its concentration.

Sharks in Egypt 2013

In 2013 the sharks in Egypt were seen by tourists in several places: in the area of Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada. Most people felt these statements were fiction, as the coastal area is too shallow for sharks. However, it is worth remembering that in the shallow waters of the red sea can meet a pit, deep enough for there lived marine predators.

Security in the aforementioned areas was patrolling coastal waters. However, to meet with marine predators are no longer managed. Therefore, the official sources have not confirmed the appearance of sharks in 2013.

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