FAO - News article: Sharks of the Mediterranean and the Black sea on the verge of extinction
"Serious consequences" threatened marine ecosystems Black tip sharks are threatened in the Mediterranean sea. The population of sharks in the Mediterranean and Black sea declined drastically over the last two…

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Salad "Fish in the pond"
Fish salads are very original and are loved, they are prepared not only on a festive table, but also on a daily. I would love to recommend your recipe this…

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Types of aquarium fish
Goldfish This zlatovest beauty - the first in the history of aquarium fish. Her ancestor is a wild carp. Although she comes from Eastern Asia, the Chinese were the first…

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Fish species recommended for cultivation in garden pondsх

People have long been fond of fishing. Currently, many anglers prefer to breed the fish in their garden ponds. Preference is given to several kinds:

Three-spined stickleback is very aggressive during spawning. There were attacks not only on species but also on their relatives.

Life expectancy is two to three years.

Verhovka is mobile and grows in length from 5 to 12 inches. The fish usually live in flocks, so in the pond the number should not be less sets of 10pcs per set. Verkhovka like to hide in thickets at depth, feeding on mosquito, larvae, algae, small crustaceans.

Goldfish, featuring a peace-loving nature and calm nature, likes to live in ponds with lots of water. Preferred ponds with a natural, not concrete base, as in small concrete ponds to the fish not very comfortable. In the appropriate life conditions well propagated, so you should not run into the pond, a lot of fish. Some species of goldfish, for example – Valuehost, can not stand the cold of winter. In the cold season they are best kept in a tank depth of not less than 60 centimeters. In the spring the fish swim near the surface of the water, catching the first Solnechnyi, in the hot summer weather, they need more cold layers of water, so the pond should be deep enough, otherwise the fish will die from overheating.

Bleak is a very active fish up to 15 inches. For normal life it the necessary pond volume is 15-20 square meters. Eats young leaves of algae, so it’s good to keep in heavily overgrown pond.

Tench, crucian carp is a bottom fish. Feed residues feed falling from the surface of the water. Lin grows up to 50 centimeters, carp – up to 20-30 centimeters.

IDE gladly divorced. Usually swims near the surface, feeding on insects fallen on the water, and loves vegetarian food. In a big pond, overgrown with numerous algae, reaches a length of 50 centimeters. The first week, after running into the pond, can jump.

Minnow. Belongs to the family Cyprinidae. Quickly gets used to humans, often even manually. Can eat as live food in the pond, and artificial (cereals), purchased at a pet store. Fish grow to 7-10 inches. Can live 3 to 4 years in a pond, rich in oxygen, so in the summer need to aerate the water.

Of course, this list is far from complete. Species of fish can live in artificially created conditions, much more.

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