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Predatory aquarium fish

Recently going to the pet store in the aquarium Department, discovered a large new fish. And among them Chitala of ornate or Indian knife. It is a large fish, a bit unusual for our market.

Silver with round spots, a large, unusual shape! Agree, it has its own charm!

Having admired the Indian with a knife, went further and found some more aquarium fish, of which Chitala of ornate one thing in common! They are all predators! Hopefully, in the store warn customers of the nature of these aquarium fish. Although, in my opinion, better to be aware and not to rely on the vision and the honesty of the seller.

Now, explain why this is important!

Predatory aquarium fish are not uncommon in modern aquariums. Many Amateurs and professionals specially having a predators. But often happens so: inexperienced aquarist begins to suspect that his predatory aquarium live aquarium fish only after a number of other inhabitants of the aquarium are significantly reduced.

This situation must not be repeated by aquarists! Because podselje predatory aquarium fish in an aquarium, you create stressful conditions for the existence of other inhabitants, and given them to destruction. There is a rule in the aquarium: if as food for predatory aquarium fish are fry or other small fish, you must release them into the aquarium in teamceline that they were eaten immediately. Not the little fish were among predators as long as they won’t get hungry again. The size of the small fish should be such that a predator could swallow them whole. Don’t be cruel to a helpless creature!

Some aquarium inhabitants are of impressive size and can only be kept with large fish, as even being completely peaceful, these fish perceive smaller animals as food. Others are no different from normal fish and with pleasure are bought by inexperienced aquarists. Often, after such purchases, the hobbyists can’t make out the rest of the inhabitants of your aquarium.

If you don’t aim the contents of the predators, before you purchase fish you should see a list of predatory aquarium fish.

Well, now you won’t be so careless and gullible when choosing aquarium fish. Good luck!

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