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Salad “Fish in the pond”

Fish salads are very original and are loved, they are prepared not only on a festive table, but also on a daily. I would love to recommend your recipe this unusual salad. Ingredients: potatoes, eggs, sprats in oil, hard cheese, preferably green onions and mayonnaise.

Salad “Fish in the pond” has gained popularity not only for its taste but also for its style. This salad is very popular among those who love salads for canning basis. The salad is very hearty, filling salad sprats smoked notes. To put this salad you need layers. It is desirable to cook the vegetables and eggs in advance and cool them. Each layer to miss the mark with mayonnaise. Decorate the salad with sprats will serve as the lilies, carved from eggs and fish, salad inserted in a tail down. The original decoration of salad “Fish in the pond” will definitely surprise your loved ones. Salad recipe “fish in the pond” in front of you.

Set of products for cooking salad “Fish in the pond”:

potatoes – 5-6 PCs.;

chicken egg – 3 PCs.;

cheese – 150 gr.;

sprats in oil 250 gr.;

onions – 2 PCs.;

green onions – 10 gr. (for decoration);



Step by step instructions for dishes salad “Fish in the pond”:

Kartoshkoy the eggs boil to readiness. After that, cool and clear.

Ready potatoes RUB on a grater.

Eggs from the end to cut scalloped knife. You can use regular knife, inserting it into an egg zig-zag motion. Get three small lilies to decorate the salad. Remaining egg finely chop or RUB on a small grater.

Onions need to be chopped.

So the salad was not felt the taste of bitterness of the onion, pour boiling water and leave for ten minutes.

Hard cheese to RUB on a fine or medium grater.

Sprats should be removed from banks. With multiple rybenok to tear the tails, they will need to decorate the salad), and the remaining fish mash with a fork.

Now, go straight to assembling the salad. All the ingredients are ready, you just put them in layers and fill each layer with mayonnaise. So, the first layer – grated potatoes.

If necessary, season with salt, placing a small amount of mayonnaise.

Next put a layer of onions.

On top of the onion sprats.

Loan a layer of grated eggs.

The final layer is cheese.

The salad is ready, it remains only to decorate it. Lilies of the eggs put on the side. The tails stick to the salad in any order.

Salad “Fish in the pond” is ready. This salad is not only beautiful and original but also very tasty. Fans of sprat – this salad will be like.

Bon appetit.

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