All about aquarium fish
There are several types of aquarium fishes and each of them has its own character. Some fish are majestic and ambitious, others may be selfish and lonely, still others sullen…

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Diseases of pond fish. Aeromonosis (rubella)
Aeromonosis (German measles) is a disease that causes hemorrhagic inflammation of the skin, accompanied by ulceration, and visceral and abdominal dropsy. Pathogen — Aeromonas punctate. This movable rod with a…

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Diseases goldfish
If after the acquisition of goldfish were quarantined and were settled in good terms, and if they are sick, usually due to overfeeding. Gold young can be fed a couple…

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Fishing on the pond Chernoistochinsk

Sunday emerged from the base of the Ditch in area 5 in the morning and anchored about midway between the base and the Stone is opposite a large Creek to the right (can someone tell me what it’s called)?

Depth of 4 m. the Bait bream CP +CP feeder+a bit of Sensas pluvinage. Decided to do a comparison test of Poplawski and picker from the boat. The picker caught 15 metres from the boat, 5 metre fell swoop in 2.

Wetting the bait the first time decided to set up polovotsky and planted maggots and Malinka, was abandoned. No sooner had the float to take the working position – the bite. Got a ruff – length 5 inches (never small didn’t catch ). Well, it’s a start, at least apabila

While domeshivat the bait, missed the bite. As a result, the extractor had to get the hook out of a small okunika. Like live – too back into the water. Since the target was bream and Bursch, Malinka already stick did not, scored with two maggots on the hook.

All fishing and was wearing a raspberry – peck mainly bass (10 cm) and ruffs (and ruffs or 5 or 15 cm).

Without Malinki was slowley half a dozen average of Soroki – 100-150 grams. Slowley also had 5 different skimmers, from 100 to 500g (small back three for parents). And small were caught popravochku, and the larger one on the picker. Probably fish all-takimoana to the boat to come close.

Bursch was mainly caught on popravochku, picker was a lot of empty sweeps (cause apparently in the hook 12 room – type on bream or leash podsinee for it, while catching a 40-santimetrovy).

The Law of meanness almost half of all bites were almost at the same time and on the picker and popravochku. Had something to throw, to strike another and take turns pulling.

Well, first experience of fishing from a boat picker received – the top of it should be put gently to eliminate the effect of displacement of the boat (in the horizontal and vertical plane) shear the trough at the bottom.

With the weather this time was lucky – all the fishing was great: calm, no waves, only 11 appeared a ripple. When the wave is likely to be more difficult to fix the bite – even check.

To 12 was a good warm – swam back to the base and to the house.

Fishing is good and on Monday I dreamed about the next, despite the fact that outsidebasis on the wooden seat of the boat *oops reminded of provedennoy fishing the whole day.

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