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The most dangerous sharks

There are a large number of species of sharks and only some species can represent for humans a real threat. Should not treat the shark as a great blood-thirsty predator, in most cases shark attack humans only out of curiosity. In this topic we will talk about the most dangerous sharks that can attack the person. We recommend you read, IF ATTACKED by a SHARK?


The great WHITE SHARK the most dangerous shark

White shark referred to as the shark eater. Teeth from white sharks have killed more humans than any other species of shark, which is why this shark is considered the most dangerous and invincible. White shark attacks humans out of curiosity, which subsequently can make her a cannibal, predstavlyayushie great danger to humans. The length of the white shark can reach 6 meters and weight up to 2000 pounds.

BULL SHARK (BULL SHARK) – the most dangerous sharks

Very dangerous and aggressive shark, as attacks on humans is in almost all cases had fatal outcome. Behavior bull shark during the attack is very aggressive, leaving no chance of survival for the victim. The shark lives mostly in salt water but can live in fresh, the weight of this shark reaches up to 320 pounds, and a length of 3 meters 20 centimeters.


The tiger shark also, like the previous one, refers to sharks attacking humans, but is characterized by its voracity and can eat everything in their path in the flesh to metallic objects on the victim. Length of tiger sharks up to 3 meters and weight up to 630 pounds.

The oceanic WHITETIP SHARK the most dangerous shark

Oceanic whitetip sharks are very curious and attacking the person rather from curiosity than for the sake of power. Love to bite swimmers close to shore or people with sunken vessels. There is an opinion that these sharks ate more than a hundred sailors from sunken vessels. We recommend you to read HOW the SHARK ATTACKS?

MAKO SHARK (POINTED) – the most dangerous sharks

This species can develop very high speed at the point of attack, up to 55 km/hour, but lethal in attack of the sharks on humans is virtually absent, rather it ends in small bites.

REEF SHARK (GRAY) – the most dangerous sharks

Attacks by sharks on humans rare thing and virtually no deaths, according to the attacks was not more than 20 times. This shark is a very serious predator, for example, the eyes of a reef shark during the attack are closed by special century, the shark is ready to engage in battles for their territory.

The SAND SHARK is the most dangerous shark

Is very bloodthirsty predator cannibal, bloodthirsty way the sharks are already beginning in the womb and live by the principle of survival of the fittest. In the womb of the mother shark, sharks start to eat his fellows that failed to hatch, also these sharks attacked a man with lethal outcome. We recommend you to read WHAT SHARKS ATTACK?

BLUE SHARK (BLUE) – the most dangerous sharks

This shark is dangerous to humans, because these sharks are reported to attack humans and small boats. Unlike white and bull shark, blue shark attacks on humans and boats out of curiosity. The number of attacks on the person of the blue shark does not exceed 40 cases.

Shark which almost never attack people out of curiosity or hunger, but can cause a person serious injury, if the person can prove negligence in this type of sharks. So, for example, can be bitten divers getting too close to the shark, and the shark will see them as a threat. We recommend you read WHY SHARK ATTACKS?

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